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Linda Vista is a small neighborhood located in the city of San Diego. This neighborhood is rich in history and ethnic diversity. Linda Vista is made up of approximately 32,000 people of 24 distinct cultures and 38 language dialects. The Impact Linda Vista Initiative seeks to put the spotlight on the many local and pioneering programs taking place in the heart of the community.

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Exploring New Horizons in Our Own Backyard

The Impact Linda Vista Initiative is an educational and community engagement program designed to develop empathy and changemaker capabilities among USD students, while creating economic and social value in the Linda Vista Community. The initiative highlights current needs and opportunities by presenting issues such as the access that low-income groups have to financial and other services.

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Engaging Young Minds to Shape the Future

The Impact Linda Vista Initiative engages faculty and students in various courses to uncover and highlight innovative projects, organizations and programs in the Linda Vista community. This will be the second year that we have been able to offer this opportunity through this generous U.S. Bank grant and we are excited to continue the meaningful collaborations that were established in 2014-15.

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The ILVI Mission

The Impact Linda Vista Initiative (ILVI), created by the University of San Diego’s Changemaker Hub, is designed to highlight the innovations, led by community organizations and schools in Linda Vista, that are creating positive, long-lasting, socio-economic and cultural transformations in the neighborhood.

The University of San Diego’s (USD) convenes both local organizations and faculty members with the purpose of mindfully engaging USD students through various courses to learn changemaking from the community, help highlight innovative programs, and uncover for one another why such programs exist and how they are working towards longlasting change.

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ILVI Projects

Community Organizations and Schools creating positive, long-lasting, socio-economic and cultural transformations in Linda Vista.

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